My name is Luke Valentine.

As a long-time photography enthusiast and commercial photographer for several years, my work is continuously evolving and adapting to the constantly shifting trends and tastes of the modern world.

Up until the age of 19 I was studying to become a computer scientist, starting with 3 years of courses at City College Plymouth, and the first semester of BSc Computer Science at the University of Plymouth. It was only when I started going for the degree that I realised I had no true passion for computing, and shortly into the course I switched to a BA in Commercial Photography at the Plymouth College of Art.

My passion for photography stems from my many years of collecting and restoring antique cameras, which is a hobby I still pursue to this day.

My love of surreality is inspired by the works of Dali, Magritte, Picasso, etc. Due to my background in computing, I find it easier and more fun to use software applications such as Photoshop to its fullest extent – creating some very surreal work.